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Roy Choi’s Revolution

Words: Andreas Tzortzis

The Red Bulletin Podcast talks to the leader of the food truck revolution.

Everyone who’s ever ordered from a food truck has Roy Choi to thank. The Korean-American Angeleno transition the mobile food movement from “roach coaches” to fusion cuisine.

His Kogi truck blended the Korean flavors of his heritage with the Mexican food he grew up loving. From one truck in 2008, Choi built a mini empire that includes a hotel and five restaurants.

But before that he had to overcome his own demons. Battling a gambling and alcohol addiction, it was only through an out-of-body experience while watching TV chef Emerille Lagasse that he found his calling. On The Red Bulletin Podcast, Choi dives into his troubled past, talks about his new venture into bringing healthy fast-food to low-income neighborhoods and why he’ll always live his life on the streets. 

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