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The Red Bulletin Podcast: Dylan Bowman

Words: Andreas Tzortzis
Photography: Cameron Baird

The top ultrarunner doesn’t chase competitors, or split times. He chases silence when he runs.

In the growing sport of ultrarunning, Dylan Bowman is one of the bright young lights. The resident northern Californian has to turned in solid performances at the 50k, 50-mile, 100k and 100-mile level, while managing to remain an engaging, affable personality atypical of the extremely focused, solitary long-distance running set. And he’s like that for a couple of reasons. One, he needs constant stimulation - from podcasts to a long reading list - to feed those loner hours on the trail. And two, the camaraderie felt by the long-distance running community is too important to him. He stopped by the podcast to talk about what he does to pass long hours on the trail, how he pushes past the pain threshold and why all his worst attributes serve him well while running. 

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