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The White Line: The most dangerous bike trail in the world

Photography: John Wellburn/Red Bull Content Pool

You need to be somewhere between adventurous and crazy to ride the White Line Trail. Just don’t look down.

Mountain bikers are always looking out for the next challenge: to push themselves beyond their limits, and to feel the next huge rush of adrenaline. 

If this sounds like you and you’re ready for your next death-defying feat, look no further. Situated on the red rock cliffs of Sedona in Arizona, the White Line Trail is one of the most dangerous off-road bike rides in the world.

Don’t think it can be done? Mountain bikers Jess Pedersen, Lear Miller and John Hauer took on the near-vertical drop on two wheels and lived to tell the tale. Warning: you need a head for heights just to watch this video.

© YouTube // Vital MTB

They’re not the only ones to defy gravity and conquer the almost impossible route. Polish rider Michal Kollbek also mastered the White Line Trail, and his heart-pounding journey through the abyss has been captured by a drone:

© YouTube // Marshall Mullen

It took the extreme athlete a few walks along the route and couple of days sleeping on his decision before he decided to go through with it. The result is terrifyingly inspiring, one he later described to his Instagram followers as “one of the scariest things I have done on a bike.”

To make sure he didn’t blow the corner or slide out on a trail where the sketchiest bits are everywhere, Kollbek prepared his bike by letting some air out of the tyres for more rolling resistance and grip on the ground.

Then the rider, who has won several downhill racing titles, raised the saddle, stiffened up the bike’s suspension and, with sweaty palms and stomach turning, took the mental belief he had in his abilities and executed the stunt.

“The key was to block the out the scary thoughts about the potential danger, so I just focused on the trail and not on the terrifying space around me,” said the Polish athlete, who has now settled in Santa Monica, California.

He has a word of warning for other riders who want to take on the White Line Trail though: “It’s not for everyone, so I strongly advise inexperienced riders against trying this line.”

Still think you’ve got what it takes? Let this video of a wipe-out on a less tricky route in Sedona remind you what’s waiting for you if things go wrong:

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