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This Woman Should Be As Famous As Serena Williams

Words: Ann Donahue
Photo left: Mark Leibowitz/Radley Studios

World Champion Gwen Jorgensen has won 12 straight professional triathlons—a feat done by no other athlete, ever.

C’mon sports fans, step it up. Sure, it sucked—really, truly sucked—when Serena Williams lost at the U.S. Open earlier this month and missed out on winning the Grand Slam. But there is another athlete out there who just successfully set a jaw-dropping record, and we should celebrate her.

Gwen Jorgensen, 29, is a beast. She’s fast in the water, she’s fast on a bike, she’s fast running on the road—and she’s really a whole lot faster than most of humanity doing all three of those events in a row. She’s won 12 consecutive International Triathlon Union races—a winning streak unparalleled by any athlete, male or female—and just wrapped up her second consecutive world championship a few days ago in Chicago.

gwen jorgensen

Jorgensen goes for a training ride in Minneapolis, MN.

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“I’m always asked about the winning streak now, and it’s something I don’t think about because it’s something that I can’t control,” she says. “I can’t control if someone beats me. I can only control if I go out there and do my best in the swim, the bike and the run.”

Jorgensen has already qualified to represent the U.S. in the triathlon at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. And after falling victim to a flat tire in the London Olympics, Jorgensen is out for redemption. “I’m on a four year journey where I’m aspiring to win gold,” she says. “I’m learning what I can do to prepare myself to the best of my ability to show up on that day.”

We’ll be watching, right? Right. Get on it, sports fans.

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