kenny Belaey slackline attempt

Never give up

Photo above: Dom Daher/Red Bull Content Pool

Watch trial bike world champion Kenny Belaey ride a slackline 367 feet above a gorge in the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 8,858 feet.

Balance, commitment, determination. Belgian athlete and nine-time world champion Kenny Belaey, showed all of these recently as he attempted to ride his trial bike over a 59-foot long slackline from one rock to another, over a 367-foot drop in La Plagne, France.

The man with 12 world medals prepared for more than a year for this feat, needing up to 80 attempts before he finally crossed.

What can we learn from that? Never give up on what you believe in, and never doubt your own abilities. 

Watch the video below:



“Each time I fell, I had to climb up, get my gear right and push myself mentally for a next attempt. It is by far the most intense experience I ever went through”
kenny Belaey slackline attempt

According to Beleay the altitude caused problems, “at an altitude of 8,858ft, the air is so thin, providing less oxygen and making every effort so much more exhausting than on ground level.”

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