Kenton Cool

What do you do after climbing Everest?

Photography: Martin Rennie Hartley

What fresh thrills are available for a man who’s conquered Earth’s highest mountain more times than he can remember? According to Everest veteran Kenton Cool, plenty. These are the lesser-known summits still on his climbing wish list.

Nanda Devi East, north India

I’m off to try a new route here soon which is super exciting. Nanda Devi is India’s second highest mountain, and I would just love to climb it.

K2, China/Pakistan

I really want to climb K2, the second highest mountain in the world after Everest. It’s a pyramid shape, a beautiful looking mountain. It can, of course, be treacherous to climb, but it looks divine.

Kenton Cool

Kenton Cool conquered the Mount Everest more times than he can remember

Cerro Torre, Argentina/Chile

I went there in 2004 and didn’t get anywhere near climbing it as the weather was so bad. It is the most outrageous looking mountain you’ve ever seen. It’s in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, and it looks great.

Pen Y Fan, Brecon Beacons, Wales

Almost to cap it all, my daughter wants to go and climb Pen Y Fan, the highest point in south Wales. And though I’ve climbed it numerous times, she of course hasn’t and that will make it a very different experience for me. I can’t wait to climb it with her.

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01 2016

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