Baselworld exclusives: Omega

Baselworld exclusives:
The Red Bulletime meets Omega

Video: Rodrigo Marión
Photos: Omega

What were the biggest suprises and most important reveals at this year’s Baselworld? Find out in The Red Bulletin’s Redbulletime!  

The Red Bulletin watch expert Gisbert L. Brunner went in search of the biggest exclusives, in-depth chats with industry insiders and much more at this year’s Baselworld, the biggest watch event in the world. In part one of our brand new series, The Red Bulletime, the world-renowned journalist talks to Jean-Claude Monachon, Head of Product Development and Vice President at OMEGA SA, about the legendary trilogy, the moon landing and much more. 

Check out the video below and watch this space for more updates! 


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