Casio Smart Outdoor Watch

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Words: Gisbert L. Brunner

What do Casio, Tissot, Fossil and Frédérique Constant have in common? Their smartwatches have genius-level IQs!

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch 

In 1969, the first quartz wristwatch came out on the market, changing the watch industry for ever. 

The smartwatch has been promising the same for years, but it’s a revolution waiting for a cause. Casio, with its deep history in timepieces and technology, reckons it has the word that will start the fire: ‘outdoor’

The Smart Outdoor Watch runs Android Wear, but look beyond the regular apps and you’ll find a rugged re-imagining of the smartwatch. With a compass, pressure sensor and accelerometer, you can call up altitude, weather and your activity data via a physical button, meaning you can operate it wearing gloves – essential in the environments this watch is built for. 

It’s also US military standard 810G compliant, meaning it can withstand everything from dust and extreme temperatures to rust, fungus and gunfire vibration. Switch from full-colour display to monochrome watch face and a day’s battery life becomes a month, outlasting all other, more easily exhausted, smartwatches. That’s the real revolution. 

If the orange edition doesn’t float your boat, the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch also comes in red, green and black.


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