Bombshell at Cartier: Boss Stanislas de Quercize has resigned. Cyrille Vigneron, president of LVHM Japan will replace him

Stanislas de Quercize is no longer the CEO of Cartier. The 58-year-old Frenchman retired from his position at the august French company for personal reasons. 

“My colleagues on the Supervisory Board, my management colleagues, all the staff at Richemont and Cartier and I personally thank him for his commitment, work ethic and enthusiasm,” Johann Rupert, chair of the Richemont group to which Cartier belongs, said in his press statement. “We are deeply saddened by his decision to resign but we must accept it.”

A successor to de Quercize has already been found. Cyrille Vigneron, who had been president of LVMH Japan and has many years of history with Richmond and Cartier, took over on January 1 2016. “He is an old colleague and a highly competent and effective leader,” Rupert said by way of welcome.


Stanislas de Quercize, ex CEO von Cartier

Stanislas de Quercize has decided to leave his job due to personal reasons 

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