Swatch’s new automatic classic


Words: Gisbert L. Brunner

What do Swatch, Longines, Meistersinger and Sinn have in common? Their watches work without battery! It’s time to show you four premium self-winders

Swatch’s new automatic classic

Back in 1983, Swatch released its firstever watch – a trendy little number with a mechanism consisting of just 51 parts.

Over 30 years later, the quirky Swiss watchmakers are honouring their streamlined heritage with the Sistem51, a beautifully simple timepiece with the same number of components as the original, all held together by one central screw.

Unlike the ’80s classic, though, the Sistem51’s tech specs are bang up to date. The watch boasts an ingenious self-winding movement, meaning there’s no battery required; the automatic motor is powered by the slightest of wrist flicks and will keep ticking for up to 90 hours, even when it’s lying on your bedside table.

Of course, this being Swatch, design is a top priority: the collection boasts 12 styles – from the atomic ‘Pink’ to the striking blueand-black ‘Class’ (right) – and each has a transparent back panel that lets you see those 51 parts working together in perfect harmony.


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