Sean Connery as James Bond

What Bond would wear

Words: Gisbert Brunner​

These timepieces would provide 007 with years of loyal service, no matter how tough the missions
Gisbert Brunner

Gisbert L. Brunner was born in 1947 and has worked with every sort of precision timepiece, though mainly wristwatches, since the 1960s. He has now published more than 15 books on the subject. He is also in demand the world over as a public speaker.

Bond, James Bond. In the previous 23 adventures, the British Secret Service agent clearly proved that he welcomes change, whether in his women or cars. Or on his wrist, too.

Bond’s new adventure Spectre brings another novelty: The Omega Seamaster Spectre Limited Edition.

Additionaly, other timepices would provide 007 with years of loyal service, no matter how tough the missions.



Air is at a premium beneath the surface, making time even more of the essence


From the bar to the casino, the wristwatch is a man’s most important companion – a mark of style and sophistication


Men are fascinated by the finer points of watchmaking. Here, we take an closer look…

Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer 01

Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer 01

The Carrera Heuer 01 is a watch that combines innovation with tradition. The new 45mm case, made from titanium-carbide-coated steel, consists of 12 different components. Other features of particular note are the openworked dial and the view of the special front side of the 01 automatic calibre – an advance on the 1887 chronograph with its ratchet, oscillating pinion and power reserve of 50 hours. Also, the tachymeter scale on the bezel allows the wearer to measure average speed.


When the going gets tough, your watch must be able to handle it, too


In the face of hostile worlds, information and precision are vital for survival

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