Boutique manager Eric Thomas

Seiko in Frankfurt: An interview with boutique manager Eric Thomas


On July 16 2015, Seiko opened its largest store in Europe on Große Bockenheimer St. in Frankfurt. Boutique manager Eric Thomas talks about his personal relationship with the japanese watchmaker and explains why locals take precedence
Gisbert Brunner

Gisbert L. Brunner was born in 1947 and has worked with every sort of precision timepiece, though mainly wristwatches, since the 1960s. He has now published more than 15 books on the subject. He is also in demand the world over as a public speaker.

THE RED BULLETIN: Tell us a little about your career!

ERIC THOMAS: I studied archaeology and then one job I had was with the jeweller’s Rüschenbeck. I became a specialist in Swiss luxury brands during my time there.

How did you end up at Seiko?

I was always interested in the Seiko brand and manufacture. I particularly noticed the Grand Seiko as soon as it came to Europe. Then I saw the boutique in Madrid and decided to go with Seiko on the spot. 

How long have you been with Seiko now?

Since July 1 2015

Does the Seiko boutique focus on a specific target group?

Although lots of tourists do come to Frankfurt, we don’t think of ourselves as a starting point for that section of the market.

Frankfurt Seiko Boutique

Good for events: the first floor of the Seiko boutique in Frankfurt

The local population is much closer to our hearts as there are currently very few Grand Seiko licence-holders in Germany. We want to nail our colours to the mast very deliberately and bring our particular expertise to bear. 

Can you also do maintenance work on Grand Seiko wristwatches?

No, we can’t. The movements are very quick and after repairs or maintenance they should be as accurate as they were when they left the manufacture.

Will you be hosting special events for potential buyers and collectors?

It’s safe to assume so, yes. We’ll also invite Seiko licence-holders so that they can acquaint themselves with the complete collection in a relaxed atmosphere.

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